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Comedy With Wings

On the blustery and rainy Sunday of the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, Bella Luna in Jamaica Plain was a welcome respite for residents of the city seeking out a laugh. Every third Sunday of the month, the female comedy collective, Comedy with Wings, assembles and tells jokes, does sketches and provides a forum for female comics to showcase their… Read more →


Walk the Moon Gets the Youth Vote

This generation’s music commands a vitriolic positivity that could burn heart-shaped holes into any old dude’s plan to frack New York City’s water supply. The ultra loud Walk the Moon show is Glee meets vintage Dr. Who beats. It’s polite boys from Ohio in tank tops psyched to be alive in 2012.  At the Paradise Rock Club, it sounds like… Read more →


Keighty Alexander: Color by #’s

We recently heard from Brooklyn artist Keighty Alexander–a talented individual who is working on an interesting interactive/collaborative/installation piece called Color By #’s. Given her background working with internet sourced material, it’s interesting to note that her interactive/social works are not free from spam. And that her openness to public input creates an unusual environment where spam is welcome and is… Read more →

Don’t think too much

To Friendship

Maybe it’s a solstice. Maybe it’s vaguely your birthday. Maybe it’s a day you feel like disappearing under a pile of tortilla chips and Netflix because your job is frustrating or your heart is ice cubey. But almost every year, like cosmic clockwork, there arrives this unexpected package on your stoop. As you pick it up, you swear you see… Read more →