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Modern Day Exquisite Corpse?

Ok, either this woman has a shrunken head, or LandsEnd is Photoshopping new heads onto plus size models.   In order to promote healthy self-image for teens and women, it’s important for retailers to leave plus size model heads on plus size bodies. I’m positive that their beautiful faces would have looked better than this modern day exquisite corpse. Please… Read more →


Fair Fares on the MBTA?

By Barbara Jacobson Starting on January 17, 2012, the MBTA began a series of Public Workshops to discuss the impending fare increases and service reductions for public transportation throughout the Boston metro area. On January 23, I attended a public meeting at Roxbury Community College and the general consensus from the crowd: anger and disappointment. In order to speak to both the… Read more →


“Person of the Year” title didn’t go to Danica May Camacho

Time magazine announced its “Person of the Year” today and “The Protester” wins out over all the other people that have greatly influenced this year. I understand what Time is doing; they are trying to go for a cross-cultural and globally resonating figure. I’m somewhat surprised that the “Person of the Year” title didn’t go to Danica May Camacho, the… Read more →