Keighty Alexander: Color by #’s

We recently heard from Brooklyn artist Keighty Alexander–a talented individual who is working on an interesting interactive/collaborative/installation piece called Color By #’s. Given her background working with internet sourced material, it’s interesting to note that her interactive/social works are not free from spam. And that her openness to public input creates an unusual environment where spam is welcome and is also considered to be a part of the finished work of art.

-Jen Grygiel


The Color By #’s series is a collection of artist/viewer collaborations. Each piece is drawn by hand and numbered in coordination with a color key. The key, which was made to match a 48-pack of crayons, is provided along with an assortment of basic drawing tools. The works are then left unattended at exhibitions, concerts and parties. People are encouraged to complete the drawings as they see fit. Different crowds react differently to the works, changing each drawing outside the influence of the artist. Alcohol consumption, time, and traffic all alter the final product, which has yet to reflect the color key’s guidelines. Because of this, each piece becomes a record of the event that took place, a 2D representation of the happenings around it.


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