Making friends: Amy Griffin

A few months ago, we sent Amy Griffin an email asking if we could do a style shoot with her.  With just a little coaxing she agreed to hang out with me and the “wolf.”  We were thrilled, but we really had no idea what we were going to do—we just knew we wanted to do something.  From that came our new series, “making friends.”

For those that don’t know Amy, her style goes well beyond the clothes that she wears.  She’s also an accomplished musician and a crazy good guitar player. She’s known for liking bright colors and can pull off wearing a dress, when she doesn’t feel like blending in with the boys.

After crashing a Harvard orchestral concert, a visit with the Cambridge Fire Department and a beer at Charlie’s Kitchen, we would rate Amy very highly as someone you should get to know.

You can meet Ms. Griffin at several music projects around Boston:

Full Body Anchor (next show is March 12 @ Middle East Upstairs)
Civil Warblers
Movers and Shakers (piano)
Pinecone Teeth (solo project)

She’s nice—make sure to say hi.


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