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Musings on a Law School Life

I.      Embarkation a.     Glimmer hopeful bookish eyes [with a side of romantic endeavoring] b.     Tentative and desperate relationships desperately gel like shipwreck survivors c.     If you were a pirate, your booty would all be lost to gigantic tomes needfully purchased d.     Eighteen highlighters, gigantic thermos[es], the smell of raw naked fear mingled with outlandish cock [-iness] II.     Despair a.     Glinting… Read more →

Obama gets a C for Civil Liberties

Let’s be clear: I was (and still am) on the Obama bandwagon. I gave money to the campaign, talked up his stances on foreign policy, danced with abandon in Harvard Square after the inauguration, etc. Yesterday while waiting for the bus, I saw a Jeep Cherokee with a gigantic sandwich board on top that read, “Impeach Obama – Stop British… Read more →

The Passing of a Legend: Me and Howard Zinn

On January 27, 2010 Howard Zinn passed into the Great Beyond, the place where he and all the other political spitfires sit on top of clouds and shout at each other while watching the world collapse below. In person, Zinn was an extraordinarily kind, charming, and gentle man. At a fundraiser for The Progressive in Madison, Wisconsin in 2003, where… Read more →