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Comedy With Wings

On the blustery and rainy Sunday of the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, Bella Luna in Jamaica Plain was a welcome respite for residents of the city seeking out a laugh. Every third Sunday of the month, the female comedy collective, Comedy with Wings, assembles and tells jokes, does sketches and provides a forum for female comics to showcase their… Read more →


Fair Fares on the MBTA?

By Barbara Jacobson Starting on January 17, 2012, the MBTA began a series of Public Workshops to discuss the impending fare increases and service reductions for public transportation throughout the Boston metro area. On January 23, I attended a public meeting at Roxbury Community College and the general consensus from the crowd: anger and disappointment. In order to speak to both the… Read more →


“Person of the Year” title didn’t go to Danica May Camacho

Time magazine announced its “Person of the Year” today and “The Protester” wins out over all the other people that have greatly influenced this year. I understand what Time is doing; they are trying to go for a cross-cultural and globally resonating figure. I’m somewhat surprised that the “Person of the Year” title didn’t go to Danica May Camacho, the… Read more →

luigi diamanti


by Barbara Jacobson Water drips down his flawless skin; he looks up at the mirror and says to no other vampire but himself, “This is it. Tomorrow, I’m going to ask Julie on a date.” He blindly reaches for the dingy hand towel on the rack and blots his face dry. He huffs as he switches off the light of… Read more →