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Comedy With Wings

On the blustery and rainy Sunday of the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, Bella Luna in Jamaica Plain was a welcome respite for residents of the city seeking out a laugh. Every third Sunday of the month, the female comedy collective, Comedy with Wings, assembles and tells jokes, does sketches and provides a forum for female comics to showcase their… Read more →


Fair Fares on the MBTA?

By Barbara Jacobson Starting on January 17, 2012, the MBTA began a series of Public Workshops to discuss the impending fare increases and service reductions for public transportation throughout the Boston metro area. On January 23, I attended a public meeting at Roxbury Community College and the general consensus from the crowd: anger and disappointment. In order to speak to both the… Read more →


Dear Students at Mt. Markham—It Gets Better

In October 2010, I heard about a movement called Back to Your School. It’s a spinoff of two other important initiatives: the Trevor Project and It Gets Better. Growing up gay in rural Upstate New York was definitely a challenge. After reading about Back to Your School, I immediately realized the importance of the movement—I wish I had know just one out LGBT person in the 13 years I spent in the Mount Markham Central School District (West Winfield, NY). Read more →


Oona’s Spring Collection

Oona’s graciously invited me to preview their spring collection at a small gathering they were having. Gone are the feather boas and polyester shift dresses of Oona’s past. In their place are immaculate 1940’s silk sheaths, full skirted 1950’s day dresses, and a collection of vintage hats that would put even Kate Middleton to shame. Read more →

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reCAPTCHA Exploits the Masses

Do you remember a time when CAPTCHA was easy?  For those that don’t know, CAPTCHA is that silly looking word test that you have to complete on a website in order to verify that you are not a robot.  I understood at the time that this simple test was highly effective in fighting spam and helped websites to function properly.… Read more →