Karousel Outing: Delux

Tucked away on the residential side of things in the South End is a delightful treasure called Delux. This bar reminds of of one of my old favorites in Oxford, Mississippi, The Longshot (R.I.P. 2007).

Delux is a fresh reminder of all the fun that I had at the Longshot. Both feature shotgun architecture, which is quintessentially southern. Whenever I go Delux, I feel like I’ve stepped back down in the South. I can feel the wood on the walls and know that under each record sleeve lies another decorative feature to be relished. The design and decor of this place really sets the mood.  If you’re looking for a place to be the lone soul at the bar, you can do so here without fear of sketchy men hitting on you. The only thing is that it’s pretty low light, so maybe not the best place to read Proust, but if you have a cross-word puzzle or a magazine, you’ll be set. Hell, get in the spirit of the South and crack open a Bill Faulkner book. Do whatever you want.

When I walked in the other day, I immediately heard “Suffragette City.” Given the day I had, it was the perfect song to hear after being stuck at work all day. The music varies, from Frank Sinatra to The Rolling Stones–your bases of pleasant and familiar sounds will be covered and make you feel at ease, without annoying you with their approachability. The drink selection is vast and reasonably priced. The friendly bartenders will make you whatever your heart–err–palate desires.

With the Elvis bust in the corner looking down at you while you sip your drink of choice, it is a small reminder that there is still some South in the South End.

By Barbara Jacobson

Delux, 100 Chandler St. (Clarendon St.) Boston, MA 02116

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